The Eastern Route

In 2020, the Eastern Route takes off for a new breed of adventure traveller seeking to experience the Golden Age of Air Travel from Europe to the Orient.


Departing London, for a day trip across the Mediterranean and Middle East to Goa.

Goa, India

Arriving in Goa in time for sundowners; one of the most idyllic settings of the Indian Ocean.

Galle, Sri Lanka

A short hop from Goa is the UNESCO heritage fortified city of Galle.

Anambas Isl, ID

A pit-stop on Batam, Indonesia allows us quickly transfer to our Twin Otter 400S amphibious aircraft for a low altitude 45 minute flight to Bawah Island Resort


Be one of the few to experience a new chapter in the Raffles story before the return trip to Europe.

Travel Itinerary

Day 1

Depart London on our new Falcon L900 LXS and relax for the five hour flight to miles to Goa. Overnight in Four Seasons Goa, one of the most idyllic of the parts of the vast Indian Ocean.

Day 2

Our Falcon will whisk you from Goa to Batam Island, Indonesia in six hours where we will transfer to our new amphibious seaplane for the 90 minute flight to Bawah’s clear turquoise waters, blue lagoons and coral reefs. Her you will be one of the select few to ever experience the indescribable beauty of Bawah Reserve which rests in sheltered carefree seclusion 160 nautical miles (300km) northeast of Singapore in Indonesia’s remote Anambas Archipelago.

Day 3-7

Explore Bawah’s 6 islands, 3 lagoons and 13 beaches. Relax in our pristine and previously uninhabited marine conservation area enveloped by lush tropical greenery and azure blue ocean. Exploring Bawah caters to outdoor adventurers with an appetite for marine indulgences – diving, fishing, kiting, surfing - as well as paradise seekers looking for relaxation.

Day 8-10

Transfer by our seaplane to Batam, where you will be met by our team who will escort you to Singapore by high speed ferry to the newly renovated Raffles Hotel, where you will experience the insiders taste of The Orient.

Day 10-11

Transfer from Raffles Hotel to Selatar Private Airport for return trip to London via Goa.

Day 12

Arrive London



When you book with The Eastern Route, you’re an adventurer, an aviator, a mariner, a guest; embarking on a tailor made journey to some of the remotest parts of the planet. Your experiences will be hand-crafted to satisfy the individuality of your group. Epic city stopovers, the hardest to reach island resorts, unbelievable diving, the most awesome surf and amphibious flying safaris. Your exclusive itinerary can be packed with as many or as little immersive experiences as you desire.


Shark Diving


Dive The White Wall


Surf Cloudbreak


Swim With Blue Whales


Snorkel With Manta Rays


Walk With Komodo Dragons


Deep Sea Fishing


Hike an Active Volcano


Your experience

Your end to end experience services includes:

Round trip from London to Bawah Reserve on our New Falcon 900 LXS. (including all transfers, luxury chauffeur, express immigration clearance, and Twin Otter 400 S seaplane from Batam to Bawah Return. High speed ferry transport from Batam to Singapore and transfer to seletar airport.

Additional charges: